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Apple Workstation/Portrait Video Card

The Workstation/Portrait Video Card is a 2-bit grayscale NuBus video card released in 1988 capable of showing 4 shades of grey simultaneously or 16-shade 4-bit grayscale with an optional VRAM upgrade. Unlike nearly every Apple display product, the Workstation/Portrait Video Card uses a 13w3 video connector instead of the standard db-15 connector used until the use of PC standard VGA connectors.

Its name comes from the unusually tall 640 x 870 pixel resolution, which produces an image to match a sheet of paper being held in a normal "tall" position. The pairing of the Apple Portrait Display is needed as no other Apple displays support its resolution.

The card uses the same Apple/Toshiba 344S0077 video controller as used by the Apple High Resolution Display Video Card.

Apparently some versions of this card use a standard db-15 connector, however, I have never actually seen one.
Apple Workstation/Portrait Video Card
The card is of a pretty standard Apple NuBus card design for the time. As you can see, my card has a damaged NuBus slot. It works perfectly though.
Apple Workstation/Portrait Video Card
Here you see the main video processor, which is designed by both Apple and Toshiba.
Apple Workstation/Portrait Video Card
The two banks of video memory. The row of empty slots is available for memory expansion.
Apple Workstation/Portrait Video Card
Here you see the unusual (for Apple) 13w3 video connector.
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